FAVA Silver Foam Closure Sets involve the following:

  • Fava Silver Foam Large Closure Set
  • Fava Silver Foam Medium Closure Set
  • Fava Silver Foam Small Closure Set

* The silver agent has a wide spectrum of antimicrobial effect including MRSA, VRE, and gram positive, gram negative and fungal organisms.
* FAVA's silver added closure sets continuously release positive silver ions in order to inhibit microorganism colonization on the wound bed. Thus bacteria load is minimized to stimulate healing.
* At least 25ppb of silver ion is released in first 5 hours and the concentration reaches over 30ppb at the end of 24 hours.
* Enables standalone antimicrobial application without need of additional silver products.

 Proven and Patented Silver Technology

- ISO 10993, Biocompatibility
- Agar Diffusion Test
- L929 MEM Elusion Test
- Intracutaneous Injection Test
- Kligman Maximization Test